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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Great Way to Spice Things Up in the Kitchen

Talking dirty doesn't have to start in the bedroom! In fact, turning up the heat long before you get between the sheets is a good way to get comfortable with naughty words. The kitchen holds a wealth of possibilities for getting your mind in sexy gear. Perhaps show him, with your actions and your words, where your mind goes when making dinner.
Catch his eye and gently stroke the cucumber you plan to cut into his salad. Got a tomato? Make a point of picking up a big chunk and taking a bite, letting the juice drip onto your lips, then suck it off. Maybe this is a good time to tell him how "juicy" and "tasty" and "rich" it is. Perhaps licking that dollop of cream from your thumb and giving him a wink will get his attention. "It tastes so sweet - almost as sweet as you," will get his mind going in the same direction as yours!

As you can see, dirty talk doesn't always have to be hard-core. Start out slow and easy, with innuendo rather than words that make you blush. The more he responds to your teasing comments, the braver you will become.
dirty talk
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